Double Flag — Fabric collage. Dye and wax on bleached silk, cotton and spandex. Dimensions variable, 2012.

Soft Marble — Fabric collage. Dye and acrylic on cotton with found polyester, 2012.

Electric Blanket — Acrylic paint on microfiber blanket activated by Fan, 2012.

Key — Mixed media, (left view). 2012.

One Dickies Denim — Dickies denim, 2012.

Super (Orange) — Acrylic on cotton and iron on decal, 2012.

Untitled — Acrylic on pegboard, 2012.

Key — Mixed media (right view), 2012.

Thesis install — Bed and Electric Blanket, 2012.

Wind Painting — Bleached silk and dinner napkin. Activated with Fan, 2012.

Untitled (Tile) — Acrylic and dye on cotton with plastic tile and denim patch, 2011.

Untitled (JUMP) — Fabric collage. Mixed media, 2011.

ItsaGirl#2 — Fabric collage. Bleached imitation dutch wax and mixed media, 2011.

A-frame(Sandwich board) — Acrylic on velveteen lycra, 2011.

Panther and New York — Acrylic on lycra and iron-on decals, 2011.

Brownbag Nude — Paper bags on pegboard with oil, 2011.

Young and Wild — Mixed media, 2011.

Untitled — Dye and spackle with agate slice, 2010.

Untitled (Green) — Dye on cotton with twine, 2010.